Admissions Contract, Conditions & Financial Regulations 2019/2020

1. The School

Bogaerts International School (hereinafter also referred to as the "School") is a recognised privately maintained school in Brussels.

It educates children and young people in accordance with the "Programme Standards and Practices" of the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IB) based in Geneva.

2. Creation of the School contract

The School Contract comes into existence by the party/parties entitled to education submitting an application to the School and the School sending the entitled party/parties written acceptance of the application. The contract comes into existence with the party or parties entitled to education named on the application as the Contract Party or Contract Parties of the School (hereinafter also referred to as the "Contract Party" or the "Contract Parties").

The School Contract is valid in respect of the child named in the application. When applying on behalf of several children, a separate application is required for each child.

On the application, the party/parties entitled to education may state a specific Grade (class) into which the child is to be accepted. However, the School reserves the right to assign the child to a different class on account of important educational considerations.

3. Contract term

The term of the School contract begins with the start of the School year during which the application was made. If the application is made on a qualifying date during the current school year, the term of the School contract begins on that qualifying date.

The School Contract is signed in each case for the current school year and is extended automatically at the end of a school year for the next school year unless the School contract has been terminated in accordance with these Admission and Contract Conditions.

The school year begins on 1 August of a calendar year and ends on 31th of July the next year.

4. Teaching content and educational principles

The teaching content and educational principles generally correspond to the IB. The detailed content is established by the head teachers as they see fit.

The school is an all-day school. After the end of the actual teaching programme, students are looked after and supervised in various groups by teachers or pedagogical staff.

5. Catering

Students have the opportunity to have school meals on the premises of the Domaine Latour de Freins campus. The costs of catering are not included in the School fees agreed in the School contract but have to be paid for separately.

6. School clothing

All students wear school uniform while at school and for external school events. The head teachers lay down the details of the uniform. Please see the School Uniform contract. The costs of the uniform are not included in the fees agreed under the present School Contract.

7. Holidays

School holidays are established by the head teachers at the start of each school year.

The School is closed during school holidays.

8. School fees

  1. The level of school fees and their due dates are stated on the Schedule of Fees from time to time in effect, which is the basis of and an integral part of the enrolment application. The School is entitled to set school fees at a new level for the next school year. This is done by distributing the new price list to the Contract Parties. Any such adjustment must be made no later than 15 May of the current school year.

  2. If the adjustment for the next school year involves an increase in the School fees payable of more than 10%, the Contract Party shall be entitled to terminate the School contract on giving at least two months' notice to the end of the current school year.

  3. The obligation to pay school fees continues unaffected if a student is prevented from attending school through circumstances beyond the control of the School.

  4. Where there is more than one Contract Party to the same School Contract, the parties are jointly and severally liable to the School for school fees.

  5. All payments shall be made by direct debit. The Contract Parties undertake to send the School the completed direct debit mandate form along with the enrolment application.

  6. Upon providing the School with a declaration in writing, a third party may take over the obligation to pay school fees in place of the Contract Party. Any such declaration of obligation may also be revoked in writing with the same period of notice that applies under the School contract in accordance with Regulation 9. For as long as the transfer of obligation is in force, the School will invoice the third party for the School fees payable. The liability of the Contract Party for payment of school fees is not affected by this.

9. Termination

  1. Either party to the contract can terminate the School contract on giving three months' notice to the end of a school semester (31st October 2019 and 30th April 2020). The school semesters end on 31.01. and 31.07. of each year.

  2. The right to extraordinary termination for serious cause remains unaffected for both parties to the contract.

  3. For the School, cause for extraordinary termination exists in particular where

    - the party obligated to pay is more than two months in arrears with payment of school fees despite a written reminder having been issued;

    - a student repeatedly violates the School rules despite warnings and consequently continuation of the School contract becomes unreasonable for the School or for the other students.

    In all cases of extraordinary termination by the School, the Contract Party is obliged to continue paying school fees until such time as it has been possible to terminate the contractual relationship by means of proper notice having been served. The Contract Party is at liberty to furnish proof of less damage.

  4. Termination must under all circumstances be given in writing.

10. Final clauses

  1. a) The contract and its performance are subject to the laws of Belgium.

  2. b) All data concerning the contractual relationship will be stored by the School in electronic form. The Contract Party agrees to this by virtue of submitting the enrolment application. The School will treat all data in the strictest confidence and will not pass data on to third parties.

  3. c) For communications from the Contract Party to the School and communications from the School to the Contract Party, it is sufficient, where there is more than one Contract Party, that communication be made by one of the Contract Parties or to one of the Contract Parties. The Contract Parties reciprocally grant each other irrevocable power of attorney in this regard.

  4. d) Should any of these contract conditions prove to be without effect in part or in whole, the validity of the remaining conditions shall not be affected thereby. The Contract Parties undertake to replace the invalid regulation with a valid regulation that corresponds to the intended financial purpose as closely as possible.

  5. e) Changes or additions to this contract must be in written form. This shall also apply to the written form clause.

  6. f) To the extent permitted by law, the legal venue for any disputes arising shall be the domicile of the School.



Parents/guardians/employers must agree to the B.I.S. Financial Regulations before enrollment. Please sign at the end of this document to confirm you have read and agree with the terms and conditions.


1.1 Admission fee

This fee shall be paid for students from Year 1 to Year 12, when the student is first enrolled in the school. Upon receipt of the application for admissions, B.I.S. issues an invoice for the application fee and tuition. This one-time non-refundable fee covers the administrative costs of processing the application.

1.2 Tuition fees

For a list of activities and materials not covered by tuition fees, please refer to Section ‘Other Fees’ under the Schedule of Fees.

Tuition payment options

  • Annual payment of tuition due June 30st.
  • Semi-annual payment of tuition (first payment due June 30st of 50% and second payment due by December 31st of 50%).
  • Tri-annual payment of tuition (first payment due June 30st of 40%, second payment due by October 31st of 40%, and third payment due by December 31st of 20%).
  • Ten payments calculated from tuition due with 1st payment due on July 31st only with SEPA contract signed.
1.3 Late Payments

All late payments are subject to a penalty payment of 5% on the amount past due. Interest on the late portion of the payment begins to accrue on the date the payment is due and continues to accrue monthly through to the date the payment is made in full. In addition, an administration charge of 50 EUR is added for the second and another 50 EUR for the third reminder and all other costs incurred in the process of obtaining payment will be added to the original invoice. Families who have outstanding debts with the school will not receive academic reports, school transcripts or any other school records until all balances outstanding have been cleared. A student may be barred from attending school if the school accounts remain unpaid following three written reminders. Students will not be enrolled for the following school year if fees are outstanding.

All payments should be made to:

Brussels School ASBL Bogaerts International School - Rue Engeland 555, 1180, Uccle- Belgium
IBAN: BE 45 3630 2981 3089
Bank: ING

Please include your child name and invoice number in the communications.

1.4 Late Arrivals

Reductions are applicable for students joining the school during the course of the academic year. Please see for further information.

1.5 Withdrawals

Notice of a student’s withdrawal must be given to the Head of School, in writing, and as early as possible; as a minimum, the school must have one term’s notice for the withdrawal of a student. The fees for early withdrawal will be prorated according to the following scheme:

  • Students withdrawing before 31st October will be charged 50% of the annual tuition fee;
  • Students withdrawing between 1st November and 31st December will be charged 65% of the annual tuition fee;
  • Students withdrawing on or after 1st January will be charged the full annual tuition fee.
1.6 Insurance

Parents are required to maintain health, accident and liability insurance for their children. The school does not insure the personal belongings of the students.

1.7 Invoice Payments

The parent/guardian who signs the Financial Regulations form is responsible for all financial matters, regardless of the invoice address.

1.8 Schedule of Fees


Year 1 - 12: EUR 1.000 - one-time fee, non-refundable


Please see for current tuition fees.

1.9 Other Fees

The following fees/charges are examples of what is not included in the tuition fees and will be invoiced separately:

  • Transport to school
  • Sports Trips/Tournaments
  • After School Activities
  • School Trips
  • School Supplies
  • Canteen
  • Calculators
  • Photos
  • Books
  • Yearbook
  • Uniforms
  • Optional Curriculum Enriching Trips (CAS, MUN, Language trips, etc.)