Schedule of Fees 2019/2020

Siblings Discount

We offer a discount on annual school fees for siblings. (Second child is 10 % off, from third child onward there is a 20 % reduction on the annual tuition fees).

Payment details:

Brussels School ASBL

Bogaerts International School, Rue Engeland 555 - 1180 Uccle - Belgium

IBAN: BE 45 3630 2981 3089


Bank: ING

Reference: Invoice number and Student name

Tuition payment options

  • Annual payment of tuition due June 30st.
  • Semi-annual payment of tuition (first payment due June 30st of 50% and second payment due by December 31st of 50%).
  • Tri-annual payment of tuition (first payment due June 30st of 40%, second payment due by October 31st of 40%, and third payment due by December 31st of 20%).
  • Ten payments calculated from tuition due with 1st payment due on June 30th .

Late Payments

All late payments are subject to a penalty payment of 5% on the amount past due. Interest on the late portion of the payment begins to accrue on the date the payment is due and continues to accrue monthly through to the date the payment is made in full. In addition, an administration charge of 50 EUR is added for the second and another 50 EUR for the third reminder and all other costs incurred in the process of obtaining payment will be added to the original invoice. Families who have outstanding debts with the school will not receive academic reports, school transcripts or any other school records until all balances outstanding have been cleared. A student may be barred from attending school if the school accounts remain unpaid following three written reminders. Students will not be enrolled for the following school year if fees are outstanding.